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Dancehub Offers an Innovative Experience


Promotes a learning experience of dance focusing on the inclusion/integration of multiple dance disciplines and their associated areas.  

Promotes the learning of technique in an open environment and exploring alternatives to the official syllabus, thus allowing time for self-expression and creativity as well as keeping an active sense of awareness, involvement and problem solving on behalf of the learner. 

Focuses on individuality and guidance based on the learners’ wants, needs and aspirations. 

Provides incentive for improvement through regular performances. 

Promotes mixed age groups which facilitates the development of younger learners and builds confidence in the older learners, within said group. 

Promotes dance as a form of movement which can be experienced and attempted by all age groups and all levels of facility (due to experienced teachers)

Director's Beliefs


No singular dance form is superior to another but rather the broader one's movement vocabulary, the greater one's possibilities for expression and interpretation. Dance is a fusion of experiences and should be explored in an open, all-inclusive and experimental manner. We were all born with an innate love for music and movement, what matters is how we nurture it. 

Our Mission


Our mission is to nurture individuals with an open and enthusiastic thirst to explore all forms of dance and movement as well as an appreciation and knowledge of any associated art forms. 

Developing individuals capable and confident to think, create and perform at a high level in a fun and safe environment. 

Current Class Offerings


The practice and exploration of movement aiding in the development of coordination, musicality, 

strength and flexibility. Laying the foundations of dance technique which will allow the child to 

eventually explore any dance discipline (be it ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop etc.) in a fun, creative 

and open environment which encourages the use of imagination, self-expression and improvisation. 


No one ballet class will be identical to another. Class structure will vary, however, it will always consist 

of a warm-up, barre or floor barre, stretch, center practice and a relaxing cool-down. Exercises will be 

made up of unset sequences of steps, incorporating classical technique and movements appropriate 

for the targeted age group. Class will also integrate the practice of musicality and rhythm, promote 

creativity through improvisation, as well as the practice of repertoire and pointe work for the older groups.   


This class focuses on teaching jazz/modern technique which is then put to practice through 

choreography thus developing performance quality and confidence. Class will incorporate a thorough 

warm up and stretch, followed by challenging but enjoyable across the floor combinations, aiding the 

development of spatial awareness and dynamic travelling movement. This class will also improve 

choreographic memory and facilitate the emergence of personal style.  


Class will focus on developing an organic quality of movement through grounding and floor work as 

well as developing sensitivity and intuition through contact improvisation. This class will provide the 

learners with the appropriate guidance and opportunity to experience partnering and lifting one 

another, collaborating, as well as creating and choreographing their own work through the 

exploration of craft of choreography skills. Learners will also practice contemporary repertoire from 

some of the most current work


 Commercial Dance is a  stylised form of movement which can be performed in music videos, broadway shows, movies and commercials. It incorporates many different styles of dance including locking, popping, breaking and vouging. This class will introduce all such techniques and more.


 This class will focus on the teaching of gymnastics to enhance dance. It will include tumbling, floor work the and the development of core, upper body and leg strength and agility in a fun and safe environment. 

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Lynne Salomone Reynaud 

M.A.,A.I.S.T.D. D.D.I. 

An Associate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of dancing Lynne Salomone Reynaud holds a Diploma in Dance Education (2012) and a Masters in Performance Studies (Dance) (2016), the latter obtained at the University of Malta under the direction of Professor Jo Butterworth. Recognised as a dance teacher, performer, choreographer and practitioner, Lynne started her dance training at a very tender age, locally, under the direction of Brigitte Gauci Borda who awarded her outstanding talent in classical ballet with a year’s scholarship in 1995 and the ‘Best Classical Dancer’ award in 2001. Lynne always achieved excellent results in the Cecchetti method examinations, finally graduating her Advanced II with an Honors. 


Her years of tuition and experience won her three overseas scholarships to the Urdang Academy, Covent Garden, London in 1997, Ballet West, Scotland in 2001 and Paris. The scholarships to The United Kingdom were granted to her by Christina Hughes, former soloist of London Festival Ballet, and Terence Etheridge, former Director of Hong Kong Ballet, respectively. In 2003 Lynne was the winner of the Dance Council Award during the performance Dance Power II, which brought together twenty-two local dance schools with over two hundred participants. This prestigious award, was given to the best classical dancer and took Lynne to Paris for an intensive workshop where she was taught by artists of the renowned Paris Opera Ballet Company. This prestigious award was sponsored by curtsey of the French Embassy of Malta and the Dance Council Malta. In September 2006 Lynne was awarded a scholarship in modern dance by Kledi Kadu to attend his Academy of dance in Rome and in 2008 she was awarded a scholarship in Contemporary dance by Joshua Pilatsky whilst attending a course with World Dance Movement. 


Lynne has over 15years of experience teaching Classical Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance at the Brigitte Gauci Borda School of Ballet, during which time she performed as a soloist of the school’s youth Ballet Company Degas Ballet. Some of herperformances with the company include the famous Nutcracker Ballet (Manoel Theatre 1999), Coppelia (Manoel Theatre 2004), Fame with the lead role of Iris (MCC Feb 2005), Paquita (Manoel Theatre October 2006 – Nottebianca), Swan Lake (MCC Dec 2009), The Sleeping Beauty (MCC Dec 2017). Lynne’s freelance work led her to perform as a guest dancer for both foreign and local dance artists such as Mavin Khoo ‘00.00-00.01’ (2011), Pagannini ‘An American in Paris’ (2012), Tanya Bayona, Felix Busuttil, Dorian Mallia and their respective dance companies. She has performed in theaters both local and international including: into the Limelight at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London (2000), EU celebrations at the National Opera House, Riga, Latvia (2004) and The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco (2013).  


In 2013 Lynne co-founded Malta Dance Theatre (MDT) a youth dance company for which she was artistic director, creating original full-length productions such as ‘Lacrimosa’ (2013/2014) as part of the national anti-bullying campaign and ‘I AM’ (2016) which focused on identity. Other independent projects as a choreographer include collaborations with renowned Maltese artists such as Ira Losco in her pop single ‘Me Luv u Long Time’ and popular DJs namely DJ Ruby, Neil Pantos, DuncanF, Dr Zicotron and Electro Swing Malta. In the Malta International Dance competitions 2015 her choreography placed 1st in modern and 3rd in contemporary dance categories. Her experience covers a wide spectrum including TV and Film, the most successful being Troy were she featured as one of the dancers. Her choreography also comprises a variety of interdisciplinary work, most notably leading to the creation of the Dance Film ‘The Way I AM’ (2016) aimed at increasing understanding on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, displayed at the prestigious House of Parliament. Most recently, Lynne was rehearsal director for the Contemporary Cabaret ‘Balzunetta Towers’ held at Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Valletta last July 2017 and choreographer for '8Winds' for the Malta International Arts Festival 2019.  




Michaela Micallef

Michaela Micallef graduated as a classical dancer in 2011, following this success she continued to further her studies as a ballet teacher, achieving her Cecchetti Diploma in Dance Instruction with Distinction awarded by the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing). An exceptional dance teacher with eight years of teaching experience and over twenty one years of performance experience, her studies in dance include various dance disciplines such as jazz and contemporary. Micallef is now a partner and the Associate Director for Dance Hub Malta.

Michaela won several awards; in 2004 she was awarded a scholarship by Terence Etheridge at the Dance College in Cornwall, in the U.K., in 2007 she won the Tanya Bayona Classical Ballet award and in 2008 a Jazz scholarship awarded by Brigitte Gauci Borda.

Micallef performed along various internationally acclaimed dancers as well as in numerous local productions, TV programmes, concerts and festivals such as the Abruzzo summer festival, in Italy. Her first major performance was in, The Nutcracker, held at the Manoel Theatre in 1999, with principals from Ballet West and choreography by Terrence Etheridge. She performed soloist roles alongside prima ballerina Elena Glurjidze and her partner Arionel Vargas, and also in traditional full-length ballets including; Coppelia, Paquita (Manoel Theatre 2004, 2006), Swan Lake (MCC Dec 2009) and The Sleeping Beauty (MCC Dec 2016 produced by Erico Montes from The Royal Ballet).

In 2009 the directors of Duchy Ballet, chose her to perform as a guest artist, in the ballet The Sleeping Beauty, with principals from English National Ballet in Cornwall, U.K. In 2011 she was casted to dance the main role of Tinker bell in the ballet Peter Pan. In 2013/2014 she performed in Lacrimosa as part of the national anti-bullying campaign and the 2016 the contemporary production I AM which focused on identity. Most recently Michaela performed as Myrtha in the ballet Giselle, cast and choreographed by Erico Montes from the Royal Ballet held at Pjazza Teatru Rjal (August 2018).  She recently  performed in '8Winds' for the Malta International Arts Festival 2019.  

Michaela is currently a choreographer and teacher in classical ballet and lyrical jazz for Dance Hub Malta.



Sue Vassallo

Sue started her training at BGB School of Dance at the age of 8. She now has 13 years experience as a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer focusing mainly on Commercial, Hip Hop and Funky Jazz. 

Sue has attended many international workshops and in 2015 she was granted a scholarship to LA to attend Millenium and Debbie Reynolds Dance Studios. Sue has choreographed and performed for international stars Ja Rule and Flo Rida. She has also choreographed for various local productions namely, Rock Of Ages (2016), Panto (2017) Comedy Knights (2018). 

Sue is looking forward to sharing her profound knowledge and experience in commercial dance with Dance Hub Malta students beginning next October 2019. 



Gaby Davies 

Gaby is a freelance dance artist specializing in contemporary dance technique and choreography. She began her dance training locally in classical ballet, lyrical jazz and contemporary which led her to completing a BA in dance studies at the University of Malta in 2015. 

Her studies then progressed overseas to the Uk where her choreographic work was selected to be performed. As a result, Gaby went on to graduate with a Masters in Choreography and Professional Practices at the University of Chichester. 

Gaby has an interest in guiding and facilitating young dancers and is looking forward with great pleasure to teaching contemporary dance at Dance Hub Malta. 



Elwanda Libreri 

Elwanda is a gymnastics coach. She worked with various schools and gymnastics clubs both in Malta and overseas. 

She has been coaching gymnastics, trampolining and swimming since 1998 and she is one of the regional club judges in Malta. She also won the senior National Championship in 2001.

Elwanda Libreri also worked with KMS (Kunsill Malti għal-Isport) and other entities. 

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